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        Tintin shark submarine

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        Tintin's shark submarines

        On Earth or in the air, and even to the Moon, Tintin invites us into adventures in multiple landscapes. But the seas and oceans also have an important part in the plot of the series. It is in the album The Treasure of Rackham the Red that the famous Belgian reporter sets out to explore the seabed in the exploration submarine created by Tryphon Tournesol. Discover the range of Tintin submarine replicas.

        The story of Tintin's submarine

        In the album The Treasure of Red Rackham, Tintin accompanies Captain Haddock in the footsteps of his ancestor, the knight François de Hadoque. And, it is thanks to a submarine, an invention of Professor Tournesol, that the two characters set off in search of Rackham the Red's treasure. In this shark-shaped exploration submarine, Tintin and his companions experience incredible adventures under the sea. Equipped with an electric motor, it is equipped with oxygen tanks for two hours of diving.

        Submarine figurines

        Specialist in the sale of goodies, books, figurines... Tintin albums, La Marque Zone offers you the model of the Tintin submarine in different sizes. Each of the models is:

        • Made from quality materials

        Tintin Moulinsart submarines are made from quality resin.

        • Meticulously packaged and delivered

        In order to preserve the submarine intact during transport, this Tintin vehicle is packaged in an original box accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.

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