Walking Dead universe: Funko Pop figurines and related products

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The Walking Dead is THE favorite series for all fans of postapocalyptic and zombie universes. Broadcast in France on March 20, 2011 on OCS, it still enlivens the evenings of many viewers today. Suspense, horror, and drama punctuate the episodes of each season. At La Marque Zone, we offer a multitude of Walking Deadpop figurines , to decorate your home with the image of your favorite series. Discover them now!

The Walking Dead figurine

The series has around fifty main characters, whom viewers enjoy discovering as the episodes progress. And you, who is your favorite hero? Which one do you support the most? Which clan would you like to be part of?

Whatever your choice, you can find figurine representations of all your favorite characters at La Marque Zone.

The one who has long made headlines is none other than Negan. Iconic character of seasons 6 and 7, he is known for his cunning, mocking character and his violent actions. Strengthen your collection with the 10 cm Funko Pop figurine or the traditional 18 cm articulated figurine. Leather jacket, Lucille and red scarf make up the charismatic look of the leader of the saviors.

Obviously, he is not the only one! Discover all the characters from Rick's clan in our store. Carl and Michonne of course, but also Daryl, Dale, Andrea and many others.

Discover all the derivative products

Do you want to expand your collection? Would you like to recreate The Walking Dead universe to showcase your figurines? Good news ! At La Marque Zone, we have everything you need. Discover our construction games and their mini-figures:

  • The Woodbury Assault Vehicle

  • The famous McFarlane caravan from the first seasons

  • The destroyed Hospital in which Rick wakes up in the very first episode

  • The Prison Tower and its gates

  • The governor's secret room

  • Daryl's motorcycle roaming the highways

  • The different rooms that make up the prison

Other surprise products await you in our store. Discover them now!