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» » SHERLOCK: Dr JOHN WATSON "THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE" - 12" sixth scale collector figure
SHERLOCK: Dr JOHN WATSON THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE - 12 sixth scale collector figure
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SHERLOCK: Dr JOHN WATSON "THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE" - 12" sixth scale collector figure

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Limited Edition. 12" sixth scale collector figure. Big Chief Studios.

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30 cm
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36 x 40 x 13 cm
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As part of a psychoanalytic hallucination, Sherlock is transported back into the Victorian era to solve the crimes that no one else could. His friend Dr. John Watson is given the role of a published writer, bringing the public dramatic extensions of the pair’s adventures and cases. It is during Sherlock’s hallucination that the pair encounter the impossible - an undying “ghost” who returns to murder specifically targetted individuals. Inspite of all his knowledge as a doctor and his skills as a soldier, Watson is struck with fear when he comes face to face with ‘The Abominable Bride’. After various deductions, help from his engorged and be it greedy brother and several reality checks, Sherlock deduces how to solve the case and reveal the real murderer.


1 x Dr John Watson Portrait featuring a fully realised likeness of Martin Freeman
1 x Anatomix Male (Slim) Body with over 30 points of articulation
1 x Victorian Overcoat with Cape
1 x Three Piece Suit Waistcoat with Tweed Printed Pattern
1 x Three Piece Suit Pair of Trousers (Pants) with Tweed Printed Pattern
1 x White High Collar Shirt
1 x Pair of Socks (Partial)
6 x Interchangeable Hands
2 x Interchangeable Gloved Hands
1 x Pattern Handkerchief
1 x Patterned Tie

1 x Bowler Hat
1 x Pistol
1 x Persian Slipper
1 x Candle Stick with Holder
1 x Fob Watch on Chain
1 x Patterned Scarf
1 x Display Stand

Designed and developed by BIG Chief Studios Ltd. in the UK
Sculpting & 3D Digital Modelling Direction: Tony Leetham
Sherlock Holmes Head Sculpt: Inigo Gil
Dr John Watson Head Sculpt: Alex Down
Paint Decoration & Fabrication: Greggo
Product Photography & Packaging Design: Mark Andrews, Greggo and Dan Rochelle
Thanks to Hartswood Films Ltd.
Special thanks to Sue Vertue
Very special thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman

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